To understand what types of software you can create, it is best if you check out the examples of others that use GPS technologies. The creation of the MVP for your app will let you estimate whether it functions just the way you want. Also, you can get some reviews from testers to see if the core features work as intended. Getting GNSS RTCM correction data from a base to a rover is easy with a serial telemetry radio!

And the best GPS application of the sort is, of course, Pokémon GO. These applications allow us to view the offers of the nearest restaurants . It is useful both to owners of places to dine and to perspicacious businessmen who want to create GPS apps to increase their earnings . Google Maps SDK will work great for the most typical location features like location tracking, adding markers, etc. At Topflight, we mainly focus on building fintech, fitness, and healthcare applications, which may also benefit greatly from location awareness. Guide to hiring app developersto help you build the right team for your app.

It helps users to locate places within their region through a digital map that allocates specific postal codes to almost all locations. However, during navigation app development, we might face some problems here. If you’d like to spice up your navigation app, you can think about how user messages will be displayed. Will you send them to a chat or deliver them as push notifications? It makes sense for navigation apps to do this when users enter a specific area or region. By creating personal accounts, users get a space where they can leave notes, write reviews and communicate with other drivers.

how to build a gps app

The combination of features in a specific app depends on many factors such as a type of mobile solution, user needs, availability of similar products in the market, etc. But here is the must-have functionality that you definitely need to include. If your GPS app customers are iOS users, then you need to compare the Core Location Framework and related APIs before you start doing anything else. This free navigation and GPS app has offline maps, turn-by-turn directions, offline searching, traffic data, and worldwide support. It’s a close competitor to Google Maps, and it should work for most people who do not click with the world-famous software provider.

Geolocation & Navigation

Remember that the model won’t perform geocoding out of thin air – you need to provide a map plugin to process the data. To get the coordinates of the address, just input its name to model query. It’s a must-have tool for geolocation app development, which works in two ways — via GPS Maps or RSSI. It’s a helpful option used to determine geolocation for GPS app development.

  • But, this is an important component for the next part of the system.
  • As cool as the app cloning approach sounds, it is not practical enough.
  • So if you want to increase the accuracy of your GPS navigation, consider applying both of these technologies.
  • GPS receivers capable of RTK take in the normal signals from the Global Navigation Satellite Systems along with a correction stream to achieve 1cm positional accuracy.
  • So if you have an idea of a GPS app in mind, it’s high time to bring it to life.
  • We at Interexy have experience in building geolocation apps and know how to build an app that can improve the interaction with your customers and push up sales.

The usage of this feature allows developers to broaden the possibilities of their software. Many location-based features have already been created for sports apps, shops, live-streaming apps, and a lot of others. Putting together both real-time kinematics and dead reckoning used to be a task that required thousands of dollars of special equipment. Luckily technolgy has advanced to the point where achieving incredible untethered accuracy is much more accessable. SparkFun makes two boards (the GPS-RTK Dead Reckoning Breakout and the GPS-RTK Dead Reckoning pHAT for Raspberry Pi) to do just that. These boards will require a fair amount of end-user work to set up and calibrate as they are made for professional applications.

GPS Coordinates for Fitness and Health Applications

It is best if you ask your team to calculate an approximate price range in advance. All these options do is identify whether the target device is located within a specific area where the technologies work. They can navigate a visitor in a store and help find a specific product. When you want to check a weather forecast, it is likely that you need to know about a specific location. Special software sees where you are currently located, so it automatically shows the most appropriate results.

Usually, you don’t need to hire a large team, a few great experts can be enough, namely a UI/UX designer, Web and Mobile Developers (1-3), QA specialists, and a project manager. Hiring remote employees will cost you considerably less while still bringing world-class quality of development. The creation of a functional and easy-to-use navigation system is very important in GPS Android app development.

how to build a gps app

Social networking applications benefit significantly from allowing users to share their coordinates in real-time. Actually, if you think about it for a minute, any application where you see other people or objects moving in real-time has this feature. Having a map is fine, but being able to track moving objects on a map is what really has made iOS and Android location-based app development such a craze these days. There are also many other wireless technologies that can be used for location tracking. However, your mobile app would need to integrate with some additional hardware for this to work. RFID and LoRaWan are good options for indoor and micro-level navigation.

What to Consider During GPS Tracking Application Development

Regarding the tech stack, 42% of the world’s developers consider React Native as the most admired and convenient framework for developing mobile applications. In order to incorporate GPS features into the app, engineers heavily rely on Google Maps SDL or OpenStreetMap. RouteModel is similar to GeocodeModel for map-based applications.

If you want to attract as many users as possible after releasing the app, you should introduce your platform to at least the two most widely used OSs. As we’ve already mentioned, do not neglect the creation of a unique and appealing interface for your application. People do care about how the app looks, where the buttons are placed, and how convenient it is to find what they are looking for.

Customizing Map

We are also seeing other AR apps pop up on the market, such as the Japanese PinnAR, or paid AR packages in navigation apps like Sygic. For example, Google Maps offers AR-based navigation when users travel the distance on foot. Other examples of apps that use Augmented Reality are Sygic, ARCity, and Yahoo Maps. When the app identifies a specific point of interest, it triggers AR elements.

how to build a gps app

When a smartphone user needs to go somewhere, chances are high that they use a mobile app to find the best route with the fewest obstructions and lightest traffic. The rapid growth of GPS navigation and map apps shows that consumers are increasingly using smartphones while traveling or running errands. The costs for development will differ depending on the developers’ experience and skillset, project deadlines, and its complexity. Therefore, in this section, we will try to demonstrate the approximate costs of GPS application development and give you a comparison of salary rates in the US and Ukraine. This technology refers to a GPS system and determines the closeness of a user to a particular location.


So you need to account for that and ensure optimal power consumption, or at least adequate to the value the app offers. If you want the rundown on how to make a location-based app, skip over to section 6, and note the tricks with energy optimization, offline mode, and opt-in implementation. Felgo’s WTR – Weather Pro is a great example of such apps. You can develop your own weather app using Felgo’s open source weather app example. Navigation items, new pages and subpages and adjust the content in your project.

Augmented reality and virtual reality

Weelorum offers customized mobile solutions fully aligned with your business needs. Get one of a kind app for iOS, Android, Internet of Things devices, or cloud platforms. Users of fitness apps can track their progress by using GPS navigation. In addition to Runtastic and MapmyRun, there are a number of other fitness apps that can use GPS. The advanced map and navigation example project can be found on GitHub. You can use the Waze Transport SDK to connect your app to Waze and receive driving data for free.

At this stage, you should plan and implement voice direction functionality. Make sure to play the voice directions at the exact right time. Users should have no how to build a gps app distractions, and the recorded voice should not be irritating. Once the documentation of all the required elements is done, now is the time to get its approval.

GPS Location App Use Cases and Features

This is particularly important in navigation apps like Waze, where users rely on the advice of others. It’s easier to build a sense of trust between users if they can see who shared the tips and warnings they are following. Preparing for launch is key if you want your navigation app to stand out from the crowd and succeed. This is where you determine how your navigation app will work and look.

How much does it cost to develop a navigation app?

This is a great example of how location-based augmented reality can be used for educational purposes also. After providing the access to the app to use their phone cameras, users can see the boxes pop up for businesses or services nearby wherever they point their camera at. Sygic added a new AR feature to its popular GPS navigation app. Now, more than 200 million users around the world enjoy AR to improve their navigation experience. It uses GPS along with a smartphone camera and uses an on-screen virtual path to simplify the navigation journey. But to do this the application must work accurately to give instant signals in real-time.

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